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What students say as they discuss their experiences as Medical and Dental Assistants in training at NYSMDA.

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I was actually just looking for administrative part-time work where I saw an ad for receptionist at NYSMDA and went in for an interview. So I was just looking for a part time job while figuring out what career I wanted. I came in for the interview and although I did not get the position I went home and researched more on “medical assistant” and once I took a second tour I fell in love. Interviewing for a receptionist position at NYSMDA. From the day I started I fell in love with the school as well as the field I chose. Sometimes personal issues at home would cause me to not fully commit but my teacher always make sure to push me just the right amount and always stick by my side. I loved how hands on our classes became and how small my class was because it allowed more time for each individual student. Our teacher Dr. Pena was amazing and after classes Shereen was even more amazing at making sure to help with the job process. It has been amazing and NYSMDA did not fail me at all. I would definitely recommend NYSMDA because not only did they make sure I was completely prepared for the field, they made sure to support me even after I finished classes. I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field but NYSMDA helped me realize exactly what I wanted to do and helped prepare me. Shereen at NYSMDA helped secure me a job at a GYN office in the Upper East Side as a medical assistant.

— Tabitha Rivera – Medical Assistant Graduate 2018
I’ve always been interested in the medical field and wanted to be a nurse but knew it was not easy to get into, so I started with the Medical Assistant program at The New York School. It had been years since I was away from school. I was struggling to change jobs, but had no work experience, and needed something that would fit my daughter’s school schedule. I was so grateful NYSMDA met my requirements to be in school. I was a little worried at first that I couldn’t participate as well but after I took my first class, I was wrong. My classmates were very nice and passionate. One of my teachers had us work together in many small groups and taught us in a way to make sure everyone understood before jumping into new material. It was an exciting and impressive experience. This program helped me learn both medical knowledge and clinical practice. It helped me create a very strong foundation. I started my externship right after I finished my classes. All the things I learned from the school I was able to apply at my site.
— Jing Lin, Medical Assistant NYSMDA Graduate, Feb 2016
I was a stay at home mom with only a GED. I felt my personality was slipping away and wanted to give my daughter something to look up to me and be proud of. I have a passion for health and overall teeth. I asked my daughter’s dentist how I can get into the field. They said they have some of their assistants that went here. Overall, overwhelmed and scared. Learning time management, how to balance not working, school, studying, and caring for a toddler. The curriculum was very through. The staff was always helpful. Very pleasant. The exams and classes helped me be prepared for externship. Yes, definitely. The course is short, affordable, and helps you become license qualifying. I am full time employed as a CDA with license pending. I received my first promotion within 3 weeks of externship as a clinical lead.
— Toi Daley – Dental Assistant Graduate 2018
I was working in a retail store named bx sport. My sister helped me choose this field and I didn’t really think it will be a good outcome but it was great to attend the school. A family member. At first I was nervous didn’t think I will finish the program because I wasn’t interested but everything changed within the 6 months. My struggles was the change from high school to the program I was the youngest person in my class but what I did was not let that get in way of me working hard and becoming successful. Everything the teacher the help the experience. Great if I could do again and gain more knowledge I would. Yes I would because it changed my life for better and now I want to stay in the field of dentistry. It help me fulfill my goal because now I make enough money to help my family. Working, taking vacations and enjoying the dental life.

— Luis Kuilan – Dental Assistant Graduate 2017
I was employed as a home health aide. To further my career. My aunt recommended the school, she was a student here. I felt nervous and excited to start a new chapter in my life. I liked how much support and help as a student I got from the staff members. My experience was awesome and I enjoyed coming to school, they made it fun and the learning process easy. Yes, I would recommend because it made the experience fast and easy. They helped me with job placement quickly and efficiently. I’m currently being offered a job and they all helped me get to where I want to be. I have been volunteering currently and in the process of paperwork.

— Christina Rampersad – Medical Assistant Graduate 2016