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Job Placement & Career Development
-Seeing Graduates Off to a Good Start-

Seeing graduates off to a good start is just what our placement department is all about. Our job placement services work to build confidence and foster success with interviewing skill seminars, one-on-one interview practice sessions and resume development. Our advisors arrange customized clinical externships for each student and arrange medical assistant and dental assistant job interviews for graduates. This help doesn't stop with our new graduates, it continues as they advance and develop in their careers.

We are very proud of our graduates’ success and it shows in the school’s job placement rate and in our reputation.  The school’s placement rates are calculated in accordance with requirements set by The New York State Department of Education and The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Our placement rates are verifiable.  

With over 43 years in placing both Medical Assistant and Dental Assistants in New York City hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers and medical and dental practices, the school has an extensive network of healthcare employers relying on it for competent and qualified medical and dental assistants.

At The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants, we are committed to your future career success.  Current students and graduates have access to our Career Services team, who will work with you one-on-one to support your career planning efforts.  We offer a variety of support resources, from preparing you for the interview process to helping you develop a more effective resume.  Here are just some of the many services that our Career Services Advisors assists our students with:

For Current Students:

  • Provides career advisement for each student one on one 
  • Assists with resume writing and cover letter
  • Dress for Success  workshops
  • Interview tips and Mock Interview skills practice
  • Prepares each student for clinical externships 

For Graduates:

  • Provides job placement assistance
  • Preps each student individually for job readiness
  • Ensures that graduates have employment interviews in their field of study
  • Work with existing employers and generating new employer relationships for student placement
  • Develop job leads, assisting graduates and alumni with job search
  • Become an alumni guest speakers

Student Externship Advising

A great deal goes into the making of a successful student externship.  And it all begins with our “Student Wish List.”  That’s where our students convey exactly what they want the most — from preferred specialty area and location to full-time or part-time work schedules.

Externships are arranged for all students before the end of the in-school portion of the programs.  We monitor the progress of each student through their externship assignments which includes an on site visit from a school instructor.  Our methods help students successfully make the transition from school to working graduate.

Student Services

The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants isn’t just a school. It’s a community of students, faculty and staff committed to supporting you throughout your education and beyond.  In addition to delivering you a quality learning experience where you can gain new knowledge and skills, we also provide all students with access to a variety of resources and tools to enhance their experience.  Here are some of the Student Life Activities that we part take in.
Student Resources:
·         Student counseling
·         Life coaching programs
·         Student self-help resources
·         Professional Development Assistance (Resume & Cover Letters)
·         Academic support
·         Student of the Month
Events & Field Trips:
·         Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
·         Students Against Hunger Food Drive
·         Blood Drives
·         Monthly field trips
·         De-stress events
·         Dr. Oz Show
·         6 Flags
·         Student Appreciation Picnic
·         Textbook Sales

Student Academic Advising

Advising students who may be struggling with personal or academic issues can make the difference between success and failure—between a student withdrawing from school or completing the program and going on to gain employment in the field.  And that’s why our Director of Education, instructors and key members of our administrative staff are available to serve our students at any time.

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