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What students say as they discuss their experiences as Medical and Dental Assistants in training at NYSMDA.

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I would recommend NYSMDA because I believe it prepares you well for clinical tasks and certification exams. It prepared me to become proficient in ECG, phlebotomy, dermal punctures, vital signs and injections. I graduated as a Medical Assistant when the New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants was located in Forest Hills, New York. Soon after graduation, I was registered as both a medical assistant and phlebotomist and was hired immediately. Since I graduated, I moved to Florida and taught medical assistants at schools like Keiser University in 2009. From there I continued on with my education path and in 2012 I was admitted to Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida. In June of 2015, I was awarded a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.
— Adrian Asaza, Medical Assistant NYSMDA Graduate
I’ve always been interested in the medical field and wanted to be a nurse but knew it was not easy to get into, so I started with the Medical Assistant program at The New York School. It had been years since I was away from school. I was struggling to change jobs, but had no work experience, and needed something that would fit my daughter’s school schedule. I was so grateful NYSMDA met my requirements to be in school. I was a little worried at first that I couldn’t participate as well but after I took my first class, I was wrong. My classmates were very nice and passionate. One of my teachers had us work together in many small groups and taught us in a way to make sure everyone understood before jumping into new material. It was an exciting and impressive experience. This program helped me learn both medical knowledge and clinical practice. It helped me create a very strong foundation. I started my externship right after I finished my classes. All the things I learned from the school I was able to apply at my site.
— Jing Lin, Medical Assistant NYSMDA Graduate, Feb 2016
I wanted a new career. The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants gave me the education I needed to make a change.
— J
We met some of our best friends at the New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants, and got a good education.
— A&P
I was a dental assistant but I was not certified. Since I wanted to get more money and enjoyed my work, I went online and enrolled into NYSMDA to get certified. They helped me a lot because the teachers I had and met were very caring, I felt very comfortable and it was a very pleasant experience. I really liked the hands‐on training because it helped a lot.

One of the struggles I had was that I was afraid of working with patients when I first started and throughout my time at NYSMDA, I stopped being afraid and I feel that I accomplished getting over my fears. I had an internship at Brooklyn Hospital and was hired where I have been employed for 7 months. I am very happy with NYSMDA, and would recommend the school to everyone and anyone. The teachers and administrators really care and they all work together as a team, which is the most important thing to me.

— Irma Ramos, Dental Assistant
I was working in retail, but not going to school. Every time I went to a clinic, I always wondered if I could become a medical assistant. I went online and researched schools and immediately decided to join the Medical Assistant program at NYSMDA. I did all the paper work and received
financial aid.

I felt really good and loved the experience at NYSMDA. I was nervous and stressed in the beginning. We had a lot of tests during the week, and I’m not a test‐type person. However, throughout my time I became a more responsible person and felt I achieved something in my life. All the teachers I had and staff helped with any problems I had. I finished my internship with the school in May, and got hired by the physical therapist. Because of my experience, I recommended the school to two of my friends, and one of them will start next year.

— Karen Arango, Medical Assistant NYSMDA Graduate, May 2014
I am originally from the Dominican Republic and I’ve been assisting since 2002. A friend recommended and told me about NYSMDA, so I decided to go so that I could do specialties and get certified. My experience with NYSMDA was very good and I had an awesome time. I liked the school because of the teachers and how they explained things, things I already knew but explained in more detail; it helped me brush up and learn a lot. The school helped me with the patient relations‐ how to speak to patients, especially ones that have physical deformities. I’ve been working and doing oral surgeries and implantology for a year now. I would definitely recommend NYSMDA since it helped me go into specialties, just like I wanted to.

— Evelyn Casilla, Dental Assistant NYSMDA Graduate, February 2014
I was going to Laguardia Community College for nursing, part time, and felt the program was all over the place and it took too much time to complete. I decided to go and get something I can finish in a little amount of time. I searched online, and decided to join NYSMDA and really liked it.

When I graduated, I had a 4.0 GPA and 100% school attendance, and I was happy because I graduated and went for an internship where the work environment was what I hoped for. After completing 200 hours, I was hired.

The experience I had at NYSMDA was different from Laguardia because there, classes were for credits, and there were different instructors all the time. At NYSMDA classes were by hours and I had the same instructors. I concentrated and studied well, and I did well. What I learned in school I utilized at my job; I was working and I was happy. In January I will start the dental hygiene program in City Tech while working part time as a Dental Assistant.

— Doris Velez, Dental Assistant NYSMDA Graduate, July 2014