The Medical & Dental Assistant Staff At NYSMDA.

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The perfect team — everyone at the New York School is there for you, to help you on your way to your new career.

Our Faculty

NYSMDA’s education starts with its faculty.  Our instructors are highly qualified, dedicated and respected educators who are committed to excellence in teaching and in service to our students.  Most faculty have advanced degrees and all have relevant work experience.  Our comprehensive faculty development program ensures that all instructors remain current in their field of expertise and utilize state-of-the-art technology and teaching methodologies.  Our classes are taught by highly qualified, state licensed instructors who utilize effective training methods.  Learn the right way from experienced instructor who care.

Our Staff and Administration

NYSMDA has established a commitment to excellence in academic and support services in it educational delivery system.  We are committed to assisting all entering students in fulfilling their career objectives and provide critical supportive services.  This provides our student population with the best preparation for their chosen field, so that they can successfully compete in the world of work.  We welcome you to come in and meet our supportive staff.